The SC EMS Association represents all member EMS agencies in South Carolina. The Association meets monthly in Columbia, except for the yearly meeting held at the SC EMS Symposia at Myrtle Beach.

Accomplishments of the SC EMS Association:

  • Successful in getting several increases to the SC EMS GIA.
  • Successful in getting SC EMS included in the Trauma System funding started in 2007. SC EMS agencies, the EMS Regional Offices, and DHEC receive 21% of the funding.
  • Successful in raising Medicaid BLS rates from $98.35 in 2001 to $136.19 in 2008 and ALS rates from $131.30 in 2001 to $170.70 in 2008. This occurred while other agencies were receiving Medicaid cuts.
  • Successful in getting 2 additional DHEC inspectors hired.
  • Successful in getting a law passed that requires all certifying/recertifying EMT/EMTI/Paramedics in SC to undergo a federal background check. This protects the EMS agencies and, most importantly, the patients we serve.
  • Successful in getting EMS Medicaid funds from being subject to two additional budget cuts in FY 2009.
  • Formed a loose alliance with the SC Hospital Association, the SC Health Care Association and SCAC along with others to combine legislative efforts.
  • Fought the Stretcher Van Regulation in order to maintain professional and competent care of the citizens of SC.
  • Instrumental in improving a re-write of Regulation 61-7
  • Worked with DHEC to improve/streamline the EMS GIA process
  • Partnered with the North Central EMS Consortium to provide discounts to SCEMSA members.
  • Championed the fight for EMS to be included in 25 year retirement
  • Set the course both legislatively and professionally as a recognized public safety component.

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  1. I am curious as to the status of getting a 25 year retirement for EMS. I would like to assist with this process, as I am passionate this

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